The most common coin in circulation is the silver sceptre, approximately 3cm in diameter, with an image of a sceptre on each face. Copper bits are coins of lesser value and smaller size, approximately 1.5cm in diameter. These coins are marked simply by three straight lines across each face. Gold crowns are the most valuable coin in circulation, but most normal people will go their whole lives without ever seeing one. Crowns are 4.5cm in diameter and bear the image of a crown studded with seven jewels, on one face, whilst the opposite shows the seven moons in a line of four atop a line of three.

7 copper bits             =          1 silver sceptre
49 silver sceptres    =          1 gold crown

Semi-precious and precious stones are also acceptable forms of currency in Ilayson, although it is worth having any collection of stones appraised by a reputable jeweller before using ten amethysts to buy a pint of ale.




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