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  • The Orcs Nest

    A notorious inn and drug-den, owned by [[:blint | Blint's]] old friend, [[:kaylar | Kaylar]].


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  • The Monasterion

    The centre of [[Religion | the Church's]] martial force.


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  • The Council Hall

    The hall where meets the council of [[Ilayson]], comprising the heads of the five [[The Great Families | great families]]. All council proceedings are facilitated by the Emperor's representative, as a [[A Note on Hierarchy | supposedly impartial …

  • The Most Holy Abbey of the Seven Sisters

    The single most important [[Religion | Church]] building in existence, it is the spiritual and temporal heart of the [[Religion | Church]]. The Abbey sits atop the huge, rocky outcropping that houses the old town of [[Ilayson]]. From atop this vantage …

  • The Peoples Temple

    The heart of worship for the residents of [[Ilayson]]. The running of the People's Temple is administered by Priestesses of each [[Religion | goddess]], in turn, corresponding to the dominant lunar phase.

  • The House of Twilight

    The former home of the [[The Ilvarrin Family | Ilvarrin family]]. This large house in the old city has been abandoned since the destruction of that family. Many rumours abound regarding the contents of the house and anyone that has attempted to plunder …

  • Karagros

    Kâragros is the Dwarfish settlement that lies closest to [[Ilayson]]. It is the ancestral home of [[:thurun | Thurun]].


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  • The Ruins

    Lying just two-miles to the west of [[Ilayson]] is a sprawling mass of ruins that were once the surface presence of a great city. The ruins are avoided by the inhabitants of [[Ilayson]] and are a source of many local ghost stories. Over the centuries …

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