Working Men

Scene 1 – An Eerie Meeting

Blint makes Rivern's acquaintance in the Orc's Nest. The eerie River Mage piques Blint's curiosity as an individual markedly different from the normal clientele, although he initially finds it uncomfortable to be in the presence of this peculiar young man. 


Scene 2 – A Difficult Conversation

Kaylar asks the doctor if he can ease Dollgirl's pain. Gideon explains that she may be beyond his ability to aid her, but Kaylar resolutely refuses to hear this.


Scene 3 – A Slip-Up

Blint spends some time in the Old City in an attempt to identify the younger scions of the Maggior family, so that he can begin to plot his campaign of vengeance against Dollgirl's attackers. Unfortunately his spying does not go unnoticed and he finds himself captured, bagged, bound and dragged away. {Failed test on Inconspicuous, with consequences agreed before the dice were rolled}.


Scene 4 – A Request for Assistance

Alred asks Rivern to assist the Guild of Lighters in the Lower-East Ward. Rivern agrees and takes to the wing in order to discretely observe the activites of the local Lighters.


Scene 5 – A Search for Blint

Gideon and Thurun go searching for Blint when he doesn't turn-up for work. whilst mooching around the Old City they are helped by a kindly noble woman of the Vasio family, who tells them that their friend has been taken to a small house near the river, in the Dock Ward. Kaylar advises the two companions to ask Rivern if he knows of the place, seeing as the river mage makes his home in that ward.

Meanwhile, Blint finds himself at the tender mercies of Garos, who has not forgotten how foolish he was made to appear when Blint used 'The Fear' on him. The big fella beats Blint bloody, after failing to succumb to sorcery a second time. Garos leaves the house and tells his Scourers to have a few minutes fun before throwing Blint into the gutter. Heartily tired of rough treatment at the hands of lesser mortals, Blint attempts to use 'The Fear' on the young Scourers. Unfortunately, in his weakened state Blint fails to control the eldritch energies from the world of the Daemonim and immolates himself, along with the house and several adjoining buildings. Several innocent people lose thier lives to this mishandling of magical might. Thurun heroically drags Blint's body free and Gideon administers to him immediately, but is too late and Blint expires on the side streets of the Dock Ward. {A result of 'Garbled Transmission' on the failed casting roll, coupled with a woeful result on the 'Wheel of Magic'. Marcus decided to let Blint die and serve as a lesson to all other magic-using PCs}.


Scene 5 – A Look at the Lighters

Rivern continues to watch the Lighters whilst in bird-form. He sees a pair of Lighters roughed-up by four toughs, who Rivern overhears threatening the pair to abandon "the alliance", before he follows them back to The House of the Laurelled Woman. The river mage meets with Miril and agrees to help the Lighters with this situation.



Rivern’s Journal: Only a few days out of the River and already I find myself pond deep in the shit of Ilay’s child. My old master was right, the touch of the daemonim brings nothing but misery and suffering… “life” as I choose to call it. Blint was a fine example of how close to the abyss we must step to get the daemonim to do our bidding. I wonder what manner of arcane power he was attempting, I’ve never seen such a backlash, I wonder if there was more to it. He seemed too capable a man to be a master of sorcery. A shame, I liked him and for his part he swallowed his fear to be around me, so few do. His companions could be useful. A doctor with an expert healing skill and a dwarf built like a boulder and twice as dense. My brief acquaintance with Blint seems to be enough reason for them to tolerate me.

It seems one never leaves one’s guild for long. Alred, a man of the River has asked I apply myself to a problem for the Lighters. I took flight as my namesake and observed a group of Lighters tussle with some well trained thugs. The thugs returned to the House of the Laurelled Woman, the family Maggior. Those who Blint had run foul of… interesting. It appears the Maggiors wish to dissuade the Lighters from an alliance with my own Guild.

I have informed Miril of the Lighters that they are under my protection. The doctor and the dwarf seemed reluctant but acquiesced to aid me. The involvement of the Maggiors and their hand in Blint’s death was their motivation I believe. The favor of myself and the Watermen did not seem to appeal to them, strange fellows, unappreciative of the position of the Guild it seems. The dwarf seemed keen to involve himself physically, this will be useful, I’ve seen him handle the fighters in Kaylar’s pit. I’m hoping there will be no need to involve the doctor directly, but his skills may prove useful.

Now, how to proceed…

Working Men
Fingolfin Fingolfin

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