The darkness is returning

Welcome to the pages for our sporadic game of city-based, fantasy danger and intrigue, using the 'Burning Wheel' mechanics. This will be our first serious attempt to use these mechanics for a prolonged campaign, which will hopefully reveal the true majesty of this rule-set. Owing to the fact that the setting has not been fully realised prior to play, these pages will develop greater levels of detail as we sit down around the table to play our sessions. Such sessions will vary in the number of players present, with a minimum of two. The majority of the detail in these pages will concern the setting, but there will be occasional crunchy bits scattered throughout, as our understanding of the BW system develops over time. As the GM, I will note down any story ideas and situations that spring to mind, provided such revealings don't detract from the players' sense of discovery as the setting is explored by the group as a whole. 


Sources of inspiration




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