The Maggior Family

The most powerful family in Ilayson. The Maggiors profited greatly from the destruction of the Vendrargan and Ilvarrin families.

The current head of the family is Ser Zigul Maggior who, along with his wife Serra Gizherae Maggior, rules the family with an iron fist. The couple have four sons, in descending order of age:

*Tirages Maggior – handsome, ruthless, ambitious and impatient; a troublesome combination, to be sure. He is currently betrothed to the eldest daughter of the Vocconce family.

*Perel Maggior – also a handsome young man, but less focussed and serious than his older brother.

*Torgul Maggior – a sly-eyed wolf of a lad, forever scheming and plotting the eventual downfall of those he deems as enemies.

*Lislim Maggior – a fiercely religious lad who serves zealously in the Monasterion. He believes that Ilayson should have its own standing army.

Zigul and his wife have also adopted a daughter, Seorra, who was abandoned on the steps of the House of the Laurelled Woman as a baby. Seorra is due to be presented to Ilayson society at a ball being thrown in her honour.


Family characteristic: A palpable air of self-satisfaction. 





The Maggior Family

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