The Great Families

There are five great families in Ilayson. Until recently there were seven families, but two (Vendrargan and Ilvarrin) have been destroyed by their rivals. Some people see this as a harbinger of doom for the rule of the great families, as they no longer comprise the sacred number, seven.

The families maintain rich dwellings, endowed with reception rooms and private apartments, all within the old city:
 The House of the Laurelled Woman, home of the Maggior family
 The House of the Silver Bust, home of the Vocconce family
 The House of the Arbour, home of the Rhomar family;
 The House of the Eagle, home of the Scutaria family;
 The House of the Dawn, home of the Vasio family.

Each house is opulently appointed and designed to show-off the staggering wealth of the respective family. The sources of wealth vary from family to family, with sources of income ranging from legitimate to downright criminal.



The Great Families

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