The main religion in this part of the world is the Church of The Seven Sisters, a pantheist religion worshipping seven goddesses, represented by the seven moons that are alternately dominant in the sky throughout the course of a year. Each goddess represents different aspects of life. Only women may enter the priesthood, which establishes a potentially interesting conflict between the Church and the Order of Sages. The Seven Sisters are:
Daryann – Lady of death and renewal – the indigo moon;
Alyssa – Lady of battle and conflict – the red moon;
Hermenia – Lady of healing and sorrow – the blue moon;
Falthiss1 – Lady of fertility and bounty – the green moon;
Mechanic: The time of year for harvest and resource maintenance tests.

Lieffa – Lady of law and structure – the yellow moon;
Gharla – Lady of bonds and family – the orange moon;
Dendriss – Lady of travel and change – the violet moon.
Whilst all the seven moons are visible in the sky throughout the year, each one is dominant in the sky for a period of 49 days, during which time it is propitious to engage in activities associated with the goddess’ sphere of influence.
Mechanic: This translates to a roving +1D advantage to any associated activity. This advantage must be argued for by the player and not simply handed-out by the GM.
The campaign begins during the time of the Violet Moon, i.e. towards the end of the year.




1 Priestesses of Falthiss practise sacred prostitution. Common whoring is not tolerated and carries harsh penalties if discovered by the Church.


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