Finding Our Way

Scene 1 – "Give us your lurries!"

Garos and his small band of Scourers accost Blint and Gideon as they wander around the lower-east ward of Ilayson. It has been a great many years since Blint last lived in the city and his memory of its labyrinthine backstreets is somewhat hazy. Spying what he assumes to be two easy marks, Garos and his gang emerge from the shadows and demand the handover of all lurries, in order to avoid any unpleasantness. Blint calls upon his limited sorcerous training and uses 'The Fear' to great effect, reducing Garos to a blubbering heap on the floor, whilst his gang scatters into the darkness. The doctor raises a quizzical eyebrow at this heretofore unknown apsect of his companion's repertoire.


Scene 2 – Looking for Kaylar in all the Wrong Places

Blint decides to find his old friend, Kaylar, to ask for temporary lodging. Unfortunately, Blint's memory continues to malfunction as he and The doctor wander aimlessly around the lower-east ward until the early hours. Eventually, a relatively sober beggar reveals that Lothgar is hugely pissed-off with Blint, on account of what happened to Dollgirl after he left the city. Naturally Blint doesn't have the faintest idea what the beggar is waffling about (failed 'Circles' test). Gideon manages to coax out the current whereabouts of Kaylar, thanks to good use of his 'Soothing Platitudes'. Armed with knowledge, the pair head towards The Orc's Nest, which is now owned by Kaylar.


Scene 3 – Into the Nest

The Nest is exactly as Blint remembers it; rough and ready. Kaylar is initially hostile, accusing his old friend of abandoning him and Dollgirl to the harsh realities of life on the streets of Ilayson. After some time, his attitude mellows and he reveals the story of the friends' former companion, who is now in Kaylar's care, along with the reasons for Lothgar's animosity. With a steely look in his eye that slightly unnerves his old friend, Blint suggest that perhaps he could wreak retribution upon Dollgirl's attacker. In return he asks Kaylar to provide temporary lodging for him and his two friends. Kaylar agrees and the following deal is struck:

Blint and Thurun will work in the Nest in return for food and lodging.

The doctor will use a room, upstairs, to practise his trade, inexcahnge for a 60/40 split of any money he makes. He also agrees to provide on-site medical care for combatants in the inn's arena. 



Working Men

Scene 1 – An Eerie Meeting

Blint makes Rivern's acquaintance in the Orc's Nest. The eerie River Mage piques Blint's curiosity as an individual markedly different from the normal clientele, although he initially finds it uncomfortable to be in the presence of this peculiar young man. 


Scene 2 – A Difficult Conversation

Kaylar asks the doctor if he can ease Dollgirl's pain. Gideon explains that she may be beyond his ability to aid her, but Kaylar resolutely refuses to hear this.


Scene 3 – A Slip-Up

Blint spends some time in the Old City in an attempt to identify the younger scions of the Maggior family, so that he can begin to plot his campaign of vengeance against Dollgirl's attackers. Unfortunately his spying does not go unnoticed and he finds himself captured, bagged, bound and dragged away. {Failed test on Inconspicuous, with consequences agreed before the dice were rolled}.


Scene 4 – A Request for Assistance

Alred asks Rivern to assist the Guild of Lighters in the Lower-East Ward. Rivern agrees and takes to the wing in order to discretely observe the activites of the local Lighters.


Scene 5 – A Search for Blint

Gideon and Thurun go searching for Blint when he doesn't turn-up for work. whilst mooching around the Old City they are helped by a kindly noble woman of the Vasio family, who tells them that their friend has been taken to a small house near the river, in the Dock Ward. Kaylar advises the two companions to ask Rivern if he knows of the place, seeing as the river mage makes his home in that ward.

Meanwhile, Blint finds himself at the tender mercies of Garos, who has not forgotten how foolish he was made to appear when Blint used 'The Fear' on him. The big fella beats Blint bloody, after failing to succumb to sorcery a second time. Garos leaves the house and tells his Scourers to have a few minutes fun before throwing Blint into the gutter. Heartily tired of rough treatment at the hands of lesser mortals, Blint attempts to use 'The Fear' on the young Scourers. Unfortunately, in his weakened state Blint fails to control the eldritch energies from the world of the Daemonim and immolates himself, along with the house and several adjoining buildings. Several innocent people lose thier lives to this mishandling of magical might. Thurun heroically drags Blint's body free and Gideon administers to him immediately, but is too late and Blint expires on the side streets of the Dock Ward. {A result of 'Garbled Transmission' on the failed casting roll, coupled with a woeful result on the 'Wheel of Magic'. Marcus decided to let Blint die and serve as a lesson to all other magic-using PCs}.


Scene 5 – A Look at the Lighters

Rivern continues to watch the Lighters whilst in bird-form. He sees a pair of Lighters roughed-up by four toughs, who Rivern overhears threatening the pair to abandon "the alliance", before he follows them back to The House of the Laurelled Woman. The river mage meets with Miril and agrees to help the Lighters with this situation.


Discomforting facts

The year has turned and we are now in the time of the indigo moon, ruled by the goddes Daryann, lady of death and renewal.
Scene 1 – Down Amongst the Ripped
Gideon notices a disproportionate number of crippled and maimed children, begging on the streets of Lower-East Ward. Befriending one particular group he learns that they have all been “ripped”; voluntarily crippled in order to earn more money, presumably by playing on the sympathies of passers-by. Seemingly, this practice of “Ripping” is not uncommon and is performed by “Rippers”; unscrupulous barber-surgeons who take a percentage of the child’s money in return for the operation. Gideon decides that he will help these children in any way he can, regardless of whether or not they actually want such aid. In the meantime the doctor encounters an old friend in Market Ward; Telglas the travelling apothecary.
Scene 2 – An Offer of Employment
Dirim finds Conran in The Orc's Nest and offers him a job guarding The Adjudicator General. Conran agrees to meet with this august official in order to discuss the terms of his employment. Dirim tells Conran to come to The Adjudicator General’s residence in the old city, for dinner.
Scene 3 – Two for Dinner
Conran enjoys a splendid dinner with Polarion and the pair agree a generous contract of employment, which will involve some investigations into putative threats to the Adjudicator General’s life. Polarion explains that Conran’s first job will to be escort him to his next social engagement, that being a ball at the House of the Laurelled Woman, at which the Maggiors will present their only daughter, Seorra, to Ilayson society.
On leaving Polarion’s house, Conran spots a lone individual seemingly spying on The Adjudicator General’s residence. Moving swiftly across the square and using the fountain as cover Conran grapples the spy and learns that he is working for The Maggior Family. Having promised to let him go if he told the truth, Conran murders the spy and throws his body into the Ilay.
Scene 4 – Who is the Paymaster?
Gideon discretely watches the ripped children and observes Garos taking money off them. The doctor follows Garos to a smart tavern in Upper-South Ward, called The Moon Under Water, wherein the scourer slips the money to the tavern master. Gideon waits for several hours to see who calls to collect the money, but his wait goes unrewarded.              

Vigilantism in Ilayson

Session 4 was played at my house on 01/07/11.


Scene 1  – Help Needed

Kaylar does not agree to give Gideon time off for hs investigation into the Ripped children (failed Persuasion test) but does point the doctor in the direction of a Sell-Sword who may be willing to help, in exchange for appropriate remuneration. The pair meet at the Orc's Nest to discuss business. Whilst talking, Rivern arrives and sits down. Conran and Rivern recognise each others' family traits, but don't discuss the ramifications at this time. Rivern offers Conran a favour from The Guild of Watermen in exchange for providing assistance with the Lighters' problems.


Scene 2 – Know Your Enemy

Rivern takes to the air and observes Maggior soldiers occasionally visiting The Moon Under Water, which seems too up-market for such fellows. Conran knows of a Madame, Elean, who frequents this inn and decides to pump her for information (successful Circles test). Conran subtlely and politely threatens Elean with revealing her activities to the Church. She begrudgingly tells Conran that the sergeant of this group of soldiers is called Agroth, a tough, fiercely loyal combat veteran who has been charged with roughing-up and generally scaring the Lighters. Rivern follows Agroth but loses him as he crosses into Upper East Ward.


Scene 3 – Confrontation

Conran guesses that the attacks may be designed to encourage the Lighters to start carrying weapons and thus spark trouble that would permit a clamp-down on the guild from The Great Families. Rivern creates an illusion of a Daemon in the shadows of an alley that Agroth is walking down, one night. The sergeant is terrified out of his wits, all the moreso when the River Mage stalks towards him with a message for the Maggiors to leave the Lighters alone from now on. Agroth begs for mercy and pleads with the Mage to call off his creatures of darkness, before running back to The House of the Laurelled Woman to relay Rivern's message.

Dead Ends & Brawling

Session 5 was played out at Timbo's place on 12/07/11


Scene 1 – Picnic Time

Gideon and Thurun spend some time visiting the ripped children, taking them fresh bread and fruit in an effort to befriend them. One of the children pays particular attention to Thurun, wondering why the Dwarf would choose to abandon his gold and gem-filled home to come to a shit-hole like Ilayson. Thurun dodges the question and instead engages the lad, who is called Toth, in a conversation about the money that the children pay to their ripper. Unfortunately, Toth is not inclined to divulge much information and is clearly scared about the repercussions for doing so (failed Persuasion test).


Scene 2 – Following the Money

Eventually Garos arrives to collect the money from the children. Gideon and Thurun follow him but lose him as he crosses into Upper South Ward. Reasoning that the scourer is most likely heading to The Moon Under Water, the pair make for the inn, but Garos does not appear before it is time to return to the Orc's Nest for their evening shift. (A failed Circles test from Gideon activates the enmity clause for the Ripper).


Scene 3 – Beer-run

Kaylar tasks Thurun with fetching a newly-arrived shipment of Dwarvish Nog from Dock Ward. Gideon hires a cart with mule and driver (successful Resources test). At the docks they meet Brehen Dwarf-Friend who immediately talks the ears off Thurun in fluent Dwarvish, before tapping a barrel of Nog for them all to sample. The trio escort the remaining 23 barrels to the Nest where they settle down to a traditional Dwarvish game of Drunking, which Thurun wins convincingly. Before too long, the Dwarf and Brehen are engaged in stentorious singing of traditional Dwarvish Drunking songs. The singing is not appreciated by all the Nest's clientele and this fact is soon made apparent via threats from four local toughs. The brawl that follows is vicious, but short, as Thurun displays unbelievable martial prowess with bar furniture.

After the dust settles, Brehen relays news of Thurun's former home. Seemingly it is no longer a place filled with light and laughter, but rather it has become hard and cold with an air of growing militarism. There is talk of the Dwarfs reclaiming their rightful place as the dominant people in the world, by taking back their ancient citadels and cities, along with all their secrets and treasures. Brehen expresses great concern at what this may eventually mean for the ruins outside Ilayson

Confrontations and chance meetings

Session six took place at Timbo's house, on 16/09/2011.

Ripper search

Conran enlists the aid of Kim's gang to track down the private residence of the Ripper. Unfortunately the scourers of Lower East Ward are of no use in this endeavour and the identity of the monster remains unknown.

A not-so-friendly visit

Agrea visits Gideon and tells him to cease his investigations into her business, immediately. Should he decide to ignore her warning, he will shortly find himself floating, face-down, in the Ilay. Conran and Thurun quickly offer their services to the doctor on learning of his plight.

A chance meeting

Conran engineers an encounter with Serra Seorra, during one of her frequent consitutional strolls around the old city. She is utterly delighted to see her old childhooh companion and the pair are soon reminiscing fondly about the family. Seorra provides some background information on the Hinthan family, which Conran promises to relay to his friends. Seorra bids farewell to her old companion, telling him that he and his friends should come to her ball, which will take place during the time of the orange moon, her attention is then absorbed by a looming, abandoned house.

Pillow talk 

During one of their infrequent clandestine meetings, Gideon and Suliga get to talking about his current predicament. Needless to say, the priestess is alarmed at the actions of her sister, who she had not realised had returned to the city. Suliga spills all the beans about her family and her charming younger sibling.

Lost nerve

A young lad in Kim's gang, Gildo, idolises Conran and so is thrilled and eager when the sell-sword asks him to find the private residence of Agrea. The young scourer proves his adroitness at such tasks and the three companions set-off with arson in mind. On the verge of firing Agrea's house, Gideon completely loses his nerve and calls off the job, to the slight disgust of both Conran and Thurun


A Slip of the Scalpel

Session 7 took place at StevieB's house.


It is the time of Hermenia, the blue moon; a time of healing and sorrow. 


Failed Divinings

Gideon asks Rivern about who to talk to regarding the source of Agrea's medical supplies. The River Mage conducts a divination, which unfortunately fails and potentially leaves ajar the door to the world of the Daemonim for a few seconds longer than wisdom normally dictate. Several days later, Rivern recalls that a Waterman called Pelnos oversees all boats that come into Ilayson. Unfortunately, Pelnos despises and distrusts Rivern and would not be inclined to talk to him.


Watcher on the Roof

Conran spends time hiding on Tirouv's roof, looking out for people spying on the home of the Adjudicator General. He spots a young man watching the house over a period of several days. Attempting to follow this spy results in Conran losing his quarry in the shadow of the abbey. Who is keeping an eye on the Emperor's representative?


Meeting Pelnos

Gideon talks with Pelnos, in his office on Pier 13. Pelnos has an appallingly bad cough. In exchange for a decongestant preparation Pelnos agrees to waylay the next cargo destined for Agrea.



Questioner Giriel arrives at Rivern's house and asks a series of pointed questions about the fire that killed Blint and consumed several houses. Rivern opts for honesty and tells Giriel that the fire was caused by the misuse of magic. He also offers to aid the Church by advising on arcane matters int he future. Giriel agrees to this unholy and dangerous alliance.


Farewell, Pelnos

The Dockmaster visits the doctor for a repeat prescription of the decongestant preparation. Gideon performs a bloodletting and realises that Pelnos has an inoperable tumour that is killing him, slowly and painfully. The doctor eases Pelnos' passing and then seeks the help of Kaylar, Rivern and Conran in disposing the body. Gildo's aid is sought and the young lad, disguised as the Dockmaster, loudly and conspicuously leaves the inn. In the meantime, Conran and Rivern quietly deposit the corpse into the cold embrace of the Ilay.  


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