Zigul Maggior

The iron-fisted head of the Maggior family



Born Noble/Courtier/Merchant/Merchant/Magnate/Magnate




My family will dominate Ilayson.

The Guilds wield too much influence. They must be shown their rightful place.

The Church is a useful ally and I will exploit it fully.


Always observe proper etiquette amongst those with Mark of Privilege.

Never show compassion to those beneath my station.

Always have my food and drink tasted before I take any of it.


Mark of Privilege

Rapier Wit





Poker Face


Perception B6; Will B6; Agility B3; Speed B3; Forte B3; Power B3


Health B4; Steel B7; Reflexes B4; Mortal Wound B9; Hesitation 4;


Resources B15; Circles B7


3D – Head of the Maggior family


3D – Maggior family

2D – Cloth and Leatherworkers' Guild


Etiquette B5; Accounting B5; Haggling B6; Administration B5;Observation B5; Persuasion B7; Noble-wise B6; Merchant-wise B5; Commodities-wise B5; Conspicuous B5; Falsehood B6; Read B3; Write B3 


Ser Zigul was born to rule a powerful, mercantile family. As the only son of his doting parents, the young Zigul was schooled assiduously in the ways of ruling and running a family business. The Maggior family was not originally a noble one. Zigul's father started out in life as a tanner before finding he had a good head for figures and the right degree of coldness for politics. He rose to head of the Cloth and Leatherworkers' Guild, where his excellent political maneuvering brought him to the attention of Arral Vendrargan, who successfully petitioned the Adjudicator General to ennoble the Maggior family. Under the tutelage of Arral, Zigul's father became a voracious merchant and the Maggior family was very soon second only to the Vendrargans and Ilvarrins.

Zigul began his active involvement with the day-to-day affairs of the family when he turned 15. By the time he was 21, he was running the show. Shortly before his father's death, Zigul married Gizherae Vendrargan, who went on to bear four sons. Serra Gizherae desperately wanted a daughter and her prayers were answered shortly after the terrible events that saw the destruction of the Vendrargan and Ilvarrin families. Ser Zigul and Serra Gizherae are planning to throw a magnificent ball to introduce their adopted daughter, Seorra, to Ilayson society. It promises to be an affair of special magnificence.

Zigul Maggior

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