Gizherae Maggior

The matriarch of the Maggior family


Serra Gizherae was born into the powerful Vendrargan family. As the eldest daughter she was destined to be married to the heir of another one of the great families. Gizherae was deeply in love with Dareon Vasio and so her heart was shattered when her father, Arral, betrothed her to the son of a newly ennobled upstart. Her opinion was quickly revised as she came to realise that Zigul was no buffoon and his star was very much in the ascendant.

The unexpected attack by the Ilvarrin family, which wiped-out the Vendrargans, came as a sickening shock to Serra Gizherae and she exhorted her husband to exact a swift and terrible vengeance upon the perpetrators. 

Gizherae Maggior

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