Gideon Ellgame

A 29-year old human. A doctor.



  • To ease the suffering of the ripped children.
  • I will try to help the dwarf realise and overcome his drinking problem.
  • All life is sacred and to be preserved unless that preservation prolongs pain and misery.


Always have a syringe of deadly poison.
  • My toolkit is always clean.


  • Eidetic memory.
  • Agreeable
  • Seemingly Concerned
  • Frustration with the Church


Will – 4; Power – 3; Agility – 3; Perception – 5;
Forte – 4; Speed – 3

Health – 4; Reflexes – 3; Steel – 3; Circles – 2;
Mortal Wound – 9; Resources – 1; Hesitation – 6


Bloodletting – 4
; Read – 3
; Anatomy – 4; 
Soothing Platitudes – 3
; Rule of Law – 3
; Inconspicuous – 3
; City Wise – 3
; Surgery – 5; Herbal Wise – 3; Poisons – 3; Apothecary – 4


Gideon was born in a rural commune which had very little to offer or interest to him. When he was able he left to go and study. He found he had an affiliation with the new ways and means of treating and healing people. He studied hard and developed all the necessary skills to be a doctor.

Whilst working with others he disliked how some of the doctors “made do” with there patients, leaving them to a lesser standard of life than they had previously. He became quite vocal about this and it caused much controversy. This resulted in him being after asked to leave and seek training elsewhere.

Having found a large town to continue my work his needed someone to supply him with tools of the trade. It was here he became friendly with Telglas, a traveling apothecary. Telglas provided with new herbs and slaves from other continents. Some of these worked wonderfully, others not so much! After several years of using Telglas as his ‘go to guy’ he grew to be a very good friend.

Telglas became a little concerned about the items he was repeatedly being asked for. Gideon decided he would risk his friendship and explained his belief to him. Initially Telglas was horrified but seemed to understand that he wasn’t doing this out of malice.

As time went by Gideon moved to also doing research to try and gain a greater understanding of the way the body works and how best to cure its ills. This unfortunately required the occasional use of cadavers. Many of the physicians in the town could never understand how much progress in medicine could be made by doing this. This once again caused him great problems, so much so he asked to leave the town and not to trade there again.

Telglas informed him that a large city called Ilayson would be the best place to set up a new business and home.

Heading to Ilayson he decided that where better to present his theories than the city that is overshadowed by the Abbey of the Seven Sisters. People will have to put trust in his skills and learn that faith alone will not always cure them from their ills………

Gideon Ellgame

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