Age: 23


My only loyalty lies with my current employer.

It would be profitable to bring down the noble houses. They are all corrupt.

A friendly doctor is a useful asset.


Never bends the knee to authority.

Always secures an alternative exit.


Mark of Privilege

Cold Blooded

Cool Headed

Familiar Face

Stats Will:B4; Power:B4; Agility:B4; Perception:B4; Forte:B5; Speed:B5;

Attributes Health:B5; Reflexes:B4; Steel:B5; Circles:B2; Mortal Wound:B10; Resources:B2

Skills Family Secret Wise:B3 Stealthy:B4 Intimidation:B5 Etiquette:B3 Extortion:B4 Extortion Wise:B2 Sword:B6 Observation:B3

Weapons Short Sword Dagger Bastard Sword


Conran had what should have been the best start in life, born into the powerful Maggior family. Unfortunately he was the offspring of one of the Maggior head’s frequent, extra-marital liaisons. In a somewhat uncharacteristic gesture, his father insisted that Conran be brought up as part of the household. Needless to say this gesture was not appreciated by either his wife or his legitimate offspring, and Conran’s upbringing was rather brutal, bullied by his siblings, ignored by his “step-mother” and looked down on by most of the servants in the house, who seemed to think themselves above such a boy. Sanctuary in this environment was provided by the governess to the Maggior children. She was called Kimmoulis, although rarely was this form of address used, and everybody knew her as Kim. Conran would be treated as a human being and his strengths and abilities praised by Kim, who refused to see him as anything other than equal to the other Maggior children. In her company Conran found the only moments in his childhood when he could relax. This was not to last. Seething with rage and jealousy, the other children and their mother engineered some fabrications about Kim plotting against the family. The exact accusations were never revealed, but the rumour was that they involved making Conran head of the family. Kim was savagely beaten and left for dead in the new city. For his part in the affair, Conran was sent to the army where he served as a scout. It was made very clear that he would not be welcome back. His childhood experiences and the time he spent in the army made him deeply contemptuous of authority figures. On discharge from the military Conran found himself slipping into the life of a mercenary. His experiences had made him ruthless when necessary and he frequently was able to kill without guilt, mercy or regret; a skill not as common as one would think. This, coupled with his complete, devout loyalty to his employer of the time, ensured that he was rarely out of work, and he managed to purchase a modest little house in Upper East Ward, with a view of the river and the old city. There are times when he retreats to contemplate the beauty of the view as an antidote to the lifestyle he leads, and this manages to give him some degree of inner peace. It was one time in between jobs when he met up again with Kim, whilst drinking in the Orc’s Nest. She approached him and Conran was delighted to see her. They soon got to chatting deep into the night, and she revealed that she was running a little gang of freebooters. Conran agreed to work for her, for a price, and quickly developed a reputation amongst the gang as a ruthless enforcer, and a man not to be messed with. However his sense of humour, refusal to take anything too seriously, and his complete disdain for authority, won him many friends amongst the gang. Recently Conran has started working for the Adjudicator General, who fears that somebody is plotting against him. He has also noticed an extremely competent doctor working at the Orc’s Nest and fancies that befriending such a fellow could be quite useful, A friendly doctor who won’t ask questions, and more importantly won’t answer questions if people come knocking, is a valuable asset.


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