Vigilantism in Ilayson

Session 4 was played at my house on 01/07/11.


Scene 1  – Help Needed

Kaylar does not agree to give Gideon time off for hs investigation into the Ripped children (failed Persuasion test) but does point the doctor in the direction of a Sell-Sword who may be willing to help, in exchange for appropriate remuneration. The pair meet at the Orc's Nest to discuss business. Whilst talking, Rivern arrives and sits down. Conran and Rivern recognise each others' family traits, but don't discuss the ramifications at this time. Rivern offers Conran a favour from The Guild of Watermen in exchange for providing assistance with the Lighters' problems.


Scene 2 – Know Your Enemy

Rivern takes to the air and observes Maggior soldiers occasionally visiting The Moon Under Water, which seems too up-market for such fellows. Conran knows of a Madame, Elean, who frequents this inn and decides to pump her for information (successful Circles test). Conran subtlely and politely threatens Elean with revealing her activities to the Church. She begrudgingly tells Conran that the sergeant of this group of soldiers is called Agroth, a tough, fiercely loyal combat veteran who has been charged with roughing-up and generally scaring the Lighters. Rivern follows Agroth but loses him as he crosses into Upper East Ward.


Scene 3 – Confrontation

Conran guesses that the attacks may be designed to encourage the Lighters to start carrying weapons and thus spark trouble that would permit a clamp-down on the guild from The Great Families. Rivern creates an illusion of a Daemon in the shadows of an alley that Agroth is walking down, one night. The sergeant is terrified out of his wits, all the moreso when the River Mage stalks towards him with a message for the Maggiors to leave the Lighters alone from now on. Agroth begs for mercy and pleads with the Mage to call off his creatures of darkness, before running back to The House of the Laurelled Woman to relay Rivern's message.


Rivern’s Journal: the bastards and fallen children of those who rule Ilayson attract trouble and each other in equal measure it seems. I shall not question Conran on his lineage lest he return the favour. Let us both hold on to our secrets for now.

I have now shown my hand to the Maggiors; let them fear my interference in their affairs. I’m sure my message has had the desired effect, but I fear my first thought to let the fool glimpse the daemonim as I have may have repercussions beyond my intent. It troubles me somewhat that my thoughts turn to daemonim so easily. Of all the magic I could use I choose to share my vision of daemonim with another. Do they influence my actions? Did I really summon only a vision? I am normally comfortable in my darkness, but now I find myself questioning the shadows…

Vigilantism in Ilayson
Fingolfin Fingolfin

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