Finding Our Way

Scene 1 – "Give us your lurries!"

Garos and his small band of Scourers accost Blint and Gideon as they wander around the lower-east ward of Ilayson. It has been a great many years since Blint last lived in the city and his memory of its labyrinthine backstreets is somewhat hazy. Spying what he assumes to be two easy marks, Garos and his gang emerge from the shadows and demand the handover of all lurries, in order to avoid any unpleasantness. Blint calls upon his limited sorcerous training and uses 'The Fear' to great effect, reducing Garos to a blubbering heap on the floor, whilst his gang scatters into the darkness. The doctor raises a quizzical eyebrow at this heretofore unknown apsect of his companion's repertoire.


Scene 2 – Looking for Kaylar in all the Wrong Places

Blint decides to find his old friend, Kaylar, to ask for temporary lodging. Unfortunately, Blint's memory continues to malfunction as he and The doctor wander aimlessly around the lower-east ward until the early hours. Eventually, a relatively sober beggar reveals that Lothgar is hugely pissed-off with Blint, on account of what happened to Dollgirl after he left the city. Naturally Blint doesn't have the faintest idea what the beggar is waffling about (failed 'Circles' test). Gideon manages to coax out the current whereabouts of Kaylar, thanks to good use of his 'Soothing Platitudes'. Armed with knowledge, the pair head towards The Orc's Nest, which is now owned by Kaylar.


Scene 3 – Into the Nest

The Nest is exactly as Blint remembers it; rough and ready. Kaylar is initially hostile, accusing his old friend of abandoning him and Dollgirl to the harsh realities of life on the streets of Ilayson. After some time, his attitude mellows and he reveals the story of the friends' former companion, who is now in Kaylar's care, along with the reasons for Lothgar's animosity. With a steely look in his eye that slightly unnerves his old friend, Blint suggest that perhaps he could wreak retribution upon Dollgirl's attacker. In return he asks Kaylar to provide temporary lodging for him and his two friends. Kaylar agrees and the following deal is struck:

Blint and Thurun will work in the Nest in return for food and lodging.

The doctor will use a room, upstairs, to practise his trade, inexcahnge for a 60/40 split of any money he makes. He also agrees to provide on-site medical care for combatants in the inn's arena. 




Fingolfin Fingolfin

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