Discomforting facts

The year has turned and we are now in the time of the indigo moon, ruled by the goddes Daryann, lady of death and renewal.
Scene 1 – Down Amongst the Ripped
Gideon notices a disproportionate number of crippled and maimed children, begging on the streets of Lower-East Ward. Befriending one particular group he learns that they have all been “ripped”; voluntarily crippled in order to earn more money, presumably by playing on the sympathies of passers-by. Seemingly, this practice of “Ripping” is not uncommon and is performed by “Rippers”; unscrupulous barber-surgeons who take a percentage of the child’s money in return for the operation. Gideon decides that he will help these children in any way he can, regardless of whether or not they actually want such aid. In the meantime the doctor encounters an old friend in Market Ward; Telglas the travelling apothecary.
Scene 2 – An Offer of Employment
Dirim finds Conran in The Orc's Nest and offers him a job guarding The Adjudicator General. Conran agrees to meet with this august official in order to discuss the terms of his employment. Dirim tells Conran to come to The Adjudicator General’s residence in the old city, for dinner.
Scene 3 – Two for Dinner
Conran enjoys a splendid dinner with Polarion and the pair agree a generous contract of employment, which will involve some investigations into putative threats to the Adjudicator General’s life. Polarion explains that Conran’s first job will to be escort him to his next social engagement, that being a ball at the House of the Laurelled Woman, at which the Maggiors will present their only daughter, Seorra, to Ilayson society.
On leaving Polarion’s house, Conran spots a lone individual seemingly spying on The Adjudicator General’s residence. Moving swiftly across the square and using the fountain as cover Conran grapples the spy and learns that he is working for The Maggior Family. Having promised to let him go if he told the truth, Conran murders the spy and throws his body into the Ilay.
Scene 4 – Who is the Paymaster?
Gideon discretely watches the ripped children and observes Garos taking money off them. The doctor follows Garos to a smart tavern in Upper-South Ward, called The Moon Under Water, wherein the scourer slips the money to the tavern master. Gideon waits for several hours to see who calls to collect the money, but his wait goes unrewarded.              


Fingolfin Fingolfin

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