Dead Ends & Brawling

Session 5 was played out at Timbo's place on 12/07/11


Scene 1 – Picnic Time

Gideon and Thurun spend some time visiting the ripped children, taking them fresh bread and fruit in an effort to befriend them. One of the children pays particular attention to Thurun, wondering why the Dwarf would choose to abandon his gold and gem-filled home to come to a shit-hole like Ilayson. Thurun dodges the question and instead engages the lad, who is called Toth, in a conversation about the money that the children pay to their ripper. Unfortunately, Toth is not inclined to divulge much information and is clearly scared about the repercussions for doing so (failed Persuasion test).


Scene 2 – Following the Money

Eventually Garos arrives to collect the money from the children. Gideon and Thurun follow him but lose him as he crosses into Upper South Ward. Reasoning that the scourer is most likely heading to The Moon Under Water, the pair make for the inn, but Garos does not appear before it is time to return to the Orc's Nest for their evening shift. (A failed Circles test from Gideon activates the enmity clause for the Ripper).


Scene 3 – Beer-run

Kaylar tasks Thurun with fetching a newly-arrived shipment of Dwarvish Nog from Dock Ward. Gideon hires a cart with mule and driver (successful Resources test). At the docks they meet Brehen Dwarf-Friend who immediately talks the ears off Thurun in fluent Dwarvish, before tapping a barrel of Nog for them all to sample. The trio escort the remaining 23 barrels to the Nest where they settle down to a traditional Dwarvish game of Drunking, which Thurun wins convincingly. Before too long, the Dwarf and Brehen are engaged in stentorious singing of traditional Dwarvish Drunking songs. The singing is not appreciated by all the Nest's clientele and this fact is soon made apparent via threats from four local toughs. The brawl that follows is vicious, but short, as Thurun displays unbelievable martial prowess with bar furniture.

After the dust settles, Brehen relays news of Thurun's former home. Seemingly it is no longer a place filled with light and laughter, but rather it has become hard and cold with an air of growing militarism. There is talk of the Dwarfs reclaiming their rightful place as the dominant people in the world, by taking back their ancient citadels and cities, along with all their secrets and treasures. Brehen expresses great concern at what this may eventually mean for the ruins outside Ilayson


Fingolfin Fingolfin

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