Confrontations and chance meetings

Session six took place at Timbo's house, on 16/09/2011.

Ripper search

Conran enlists the aid of Kim's gang to track down the private residence of the Ripper. Unfortunately the scourers of Lower East Ward are of no use in this endeavour and the identity of the monster remains unknown.

A not-so-friendly visit

Agrea visits Gideon and tells him to cease his investigations into her business, immediately. Should he decide to ignore her warning, he will shortly find himself floating, face-down, in the Ilay. Conran and Thurun quickly offer their services to the doctor on learning of his plight.

A chance meeting

Conran engineers an encounter with Serra Seorra, during one of her frequent consitutional strolls around the old city. She is utterly delighted to see her old childhooh companion and the pair are soon reminiscing fondly about the family. Seorra provides some background information on the Hinthan family, which Conran promises to relay to his friends. Seorra bids farewell to her old companion, telling him that he and his friends should come to her ball, which will take place during the time of the orange moon, her attention is then absorbed by a looming, abandoned house.

Pillow talk 

During one of their infrequent clandestine meetings, Gideon and Suliga get to talking about his current predicament. Needless to say, the priestess is alarmed at the actions of her sister, who she had not realised had returned to the city. Suliga spills all the beans about her family and her charming younger sibling.

Lost nerve

A young lad in Kim's gang, Gildo, idolises Conran and so is thrilled and eager when the sell-sword asks him to find the private residence of Agrea. The young scourer proves his adroitness at such tasks and the three companions set-off with arson in mind. On the verge of firing Agrea's house, Gideon completely loses his nerve and calls off the job, to the slight disgust of both Conran and Thurun



Fingolfin Fingolfin

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