A Slip of the Scalpel

Session 7 took place at StevieB's house.


It is the time of Hermenia, the blue moon; a time of healing and sorrow. 


Failed Divinings

Gideon asks Rivern about who to talk to regarding the source of Agrea's medical supplies. The River Mage conducts a divination, which unfortunately fails and potentially leaves ajar the door to the world of the Daemonim for a few seconds longer than wisdom normally dictate. Several days later, Rivern recalls that a Waterman called Pelnos oversees all boats that come into Ilayson. Unfortunately, Pelnos despises and distrusts Rivern and would not be inclined to talk to him.


Watcher on the Roof

Conran spends time hiding on Tirouv's roof, looking out for people spying on the home of the Adjudicator General. He spots a young man watching the house over a period of several days. Attempting to follow this spy results in Conran losing his quarry in the shadow of the abbey. Who is keeping an eye on the Emperor's representative?


Meeting Pelnos

Gideon talks with Pelnos, in his office on Pier 13. Pelnos has an appallingly bad cough. In exchange for a decongestant preparation Pelnos agrees to waylay the next cargo destined for Agrea.



Questioner Giriel arrives at Rivern's house and asks a series of pointed questions about the fire that killed Blint and consumed several houses. Rivern opts for honesty and tells Giriel that the fire was caused by the misuse of magic. He also offers to aid the Church by advising on arcane matters int he future. Giriel agrees to this unholy and dangerous alliance.


Farewell, Pelnos

The Dockmaster visits the doctor for a repeat prescription of the decongestant preparation. Gideon performs a bloodletting and realises that Pelnos has an inoperable tumour that is killing him, slowly and painfully. The doctor eases Pelnos' passing and then seeks the help of Kaylar, Rivern and Conran in disposing the body. Gildo's aid is sought and the young lad, disguised as the Dockmaster, loudly and conspicuously leaves the inn. In the meantime, Conran and Rivern quietly deposit the corpse into the cold embrace of the Ilay.  


Fingolfin Fingolfin

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